Foundations of Crop Production: Soil Health


Soil is the basis of everything we do as farmers. In this session, we’ll learn from the perspectives of both a farmer and a soil scientist, about how to monitor, improve, and sustain the soil we rely on so much. To till or not to till, how to read a soil test, manure vs. compost, […]

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Foundations of Crop Production: Seeds, Transplants, and Bed Prep

The first few weeks in the life of a plant are critical. Should you direct seed or transplant? How do you prepare the soil? Our farmer instructors will answer these questions and many more in this extensive, practical class. We’ll also dive into scale-appropriate equipment and methods for both direct seeding and transplanting, so you […]

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Foundations of Crop Production: Pest and Disease Management

Dealing with pest and disease outbreaks can be a real head-scratcher, especially for farmers relying on natural methods. In this session, we will learn the science behind pest and disease cycles and share some diagnostic tips along with illustrative farm case studies from real farmers. We’ll break down how to take this knowledge and apply […]

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Foundations of Crop Production: Weed Management


Weeds can be the bane of any farmer’s existence, large or small. This method-centric session will outline weed management tools on various farm scales. Students will hear from a panel of farmers about their particular on-farm approaches, then have the opportunity to troubleshoot weed issues in regionally-based breakouts to get you equipped for the coming […]

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