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Certified Naturally Grown requires that livestock feed be grown without synthetic chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or post-harvest fungal treatments. The feed must also be produced without genetically modified or treated seeds, and must not contain medications, or animal byproducts.

It is not sufficient for feed to be non-GMO. That designation is important and necessary, but it is not sufficient, since it does not indicate whatsoever that the feed meets the other standards outlined above, in particular, that the feed was grown without synthetic chemical fertilizers. Hiland Naturals’ non-GMO feed is not approved for CNG farms. We state this here explicitly because they continue to tell producers that this product is acceptable on CNG operations. 

Depending on the region, feed that meets all of these requirements can be difficult to find or expensive to ship. Below, we’ve assembled some resources and a list of the most common feed suppliers that our current members use. 

This is a work in progress. If you know of another feed supplier, please let us know; help us expand our list!

Suppliers of Feeds that Meet CNG Standards

[While many of these suppliers only offer Certified Organic feeds, some also offer feeds that do not meet CNG standards. Producers must verify with the supplier that the feed meets all CNG requirements.] 

Tice Feed

Mainesburg, PA

– Certified organic grains, and feeds




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