By Suzannah Schneider, Communications Manager and Certification Coordinator


Thanks to our generous community, we SURPASSED our 2018 fundraising goal of $3,000 for our Grassroots Fund!

Plus: we succeeded in earning all 3 of our matching gifts. That $3,000 we raised? Now it’s $6,000 – all for local farmers facing an especially challenging 2019 after this past growing season of extreme weather.
From the depths of our roots to the tops of our fronds, we’re thrilled we grew beyond our goal!
Together, we have empowered so many community-based growers to stay strong and certified after an especially difficult year of extreme weather. The generosity of our community makes it possible for Certified Naturally Grown to remain affordable for all. Thank you!
However, we anticipate continued and increasing demand for Grassroots Fund support in the coming year. It’s not too late to chip in to #RaiseResilientFarms!

Please, give 2019 a generous start and give what you can. Our Grassroots Fund is grassroots supported.