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Dr. Buddy's Bees

Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Dr. Buddy Marterre is a Past President of the Forsyth County Beekeepers Association (FCBA).  He is a Past Director, 2nd Vice President and Membership Secretary of the North Carolina Beekeepers Association (NCSBA).  He has also served as Chairperson of the NCSBA Long-Term Planning Committee and Constitution and By-Laws Committee, and Chairperson of the NCSBA Association Management Software Committee.  He is the lead author and instigator of Certified Naturally Grown’s Natural Beekeeping Standards. 

He has taught bee school to over 1,000 students in his county since developing the FCBA curriculum as the FCBA Bee School Chairman since 2004.  He is both an NCSBA Master Beekeeper and an EAS Master Beekeeper.  He has kept bees since 2003; he has had as many as 16 colonies, but now only has 4, and he rears his own queens on a small scale.  In addition to his MD, he holds a Master of Divinity from Wake Forest University. He keeps turtles, snakes, and enjoys woodworking, nature photography, bicycling, sailing and practicing and teaching surgical palliative care when he's not with his bees.

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