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Maple Achers

Maple City, Michigan

Maple Achers Farm is a ten acre piece of land located in the heart of rolling Leelanau County in northern Michigan. We became Certified Naturally Grown in 2011, and continue to work toward our dream of sustainable diversity with a two acre market garden. Our crops include vegetables from arugula to zucchini, and everything in between. We also grow cutting flowers and keep Black Copper Marans chickens for eggs and fertilizer.

We nourish and build our soil with a bi-yearly plot rotation, allowing a plot to remain fallow with various cover crops planted and natural amendment implementations to fully rejuvenate the soil prior to using it again for production. Pest and disease control is both mechanical and through scheduled release of beneficial insects and use of soil micro-organisms.

Because we believe that healthy food should be accessible to all, our philosophy as farmers is to grow vegetables naturally to preserve nutritional value and increase food safety, and to sell them at local farmers markets at a reasonable price. Self-avowed foodies, we also enjoy teaching our customers about the nutritional value of unfamiliar vegetables and how to use them in various dishes. We provide recipes at our farm market booth and also through our weekly farm newsletter sent to our regular patrons.

While we don't sell from our farm at this time,we encourage visits from those interested in becoming Certified Naturally Grown as well as established CNG farmers, both to share our own knowledge and to learn from others.

(This listing was last updated on September 21, 2022)


11411 Maple City Rd
Maple City, MI 49664
Leelanau County


  • Producer: Russell & Linda Hepler-Beaty
  • Day: (231) 642-1624
  • Email

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