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Green Supreme

West Middlesex, Pennsylvania

In 1988 Green Supreme, Inc. started as the result of James Biros, now President of Green Supreme, Inc., helping a family member. Helen Biros, mother of James, became critically ill at the age of 87. Concerned for her health, Jim gave his mother a green barley leaf product that he had acquired from Japan. In no time, she was up and back at her favorite pastime, quilting bees. Sometime shortly thereafter, a drought in Asia brought concern for a supply of green barley leaves for Jim's mother when his friend Ron Ligo suggested, "We ought to grow green barley in Pennsylvania's rich soil; Grown Naturally." With a degree in Agricultural Science, Ron's suggestion turned into action and shortly thereafter had produced forty acres of - chlorophyll packed - green barley!"
Jim & Florence Biros and Ron Ligo became partners and haven't slowed down since.

Our farms are located in beautiful scenic Western Pennsylvania in the middle of Amish country. Some of the Amish help to produce the barley.

At Green Supreme, Inc, we are passionate about providing you with the most nutritious, highest quality barley. To us this means using only natural methods of production and nurturing our soil and plants. We have been Certified Naturally Grown, a nationwide alternative label to the Federal Organic label.

No herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers will ever be used on our crops and we have never nor ever will use GMO (Genetically Modified) seed. Our barley is grown on fertile ground that has been cover cropped with red clover which is later plowed down to keep the soil fertile. The young green leaves are harvested while they are packed with maximum chlorophyll before it becomes a grain. It is then air dried; never heat or freeze dried so that all the enzymes and nutrients stay in place to give you the most benefit of our product.

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3647 New Castle Rd
West Middlesex, PA 16159
Mercer County


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