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Absmeier High Altitude Garlic

Alamosa, Colorado

We are located in the beautiful San Luis Valley of Southern Colorado. At 7551 feet above sea level, mild summers and winter temperatures that can get 30 below zero for days at a time, you might wonder how garlic can survive. Well, we have grown a variety of garlic as proof that Colorado LOVES garlic and wants to share it with you.

The idea to grow and sell garlic had been a thought in the back of the owner, Adrian's mind for quite a while, but he hadn't mentioned it to many people. Once he checked into it and got the answers he needed, he talked to his close friends and family, told them to set aside a couple of days, and be prepared to get to work! Well, work is what we all did. Adrian has a multi-disciplined background including farming and ranching. As a result of his experience, he has produced excellent crops of quality garlic!
We offer 7 varieties of hardneck garlic, both as seed (for planting your own garlic) and food (for cooking), which include Krasnodar White, Georgian Fire, German Extra Hardy, Armenian, Leah, Chesnok Red, and Purple Glazer.

We have been part of the Certified Naturally Grown (CNG) organization since 2013. It has been a great experience participating with other farmers who also natural farming practices. And being a part of a grassroots movement is exciting! We do not use any pesticides or fertilizers on our crops in the "Land of Cool Sunshine". Come by and see for yourselves!

We are a small farm and have not used chemicals or pesticides on our garlic crops. We have raised oats, peas, and alfalfa for years and added garlic to our list in the fall of 2011. We did some research and decided that having the Naturally Grown certification would benefit our efforts to market our garlic as well as give our customers some peace of mind knowing that we don't use chemicals of any kind. And not having all the paperwork requirements is a big plus!

(This listing was last updated on January 12, 2019)


11319 Cnty Rd 5 South
PO Box 1134
Alamosa, CO 81101
Alamosa County

Mailing Address:
PO Box 1134
11319 County Rd 5 South
Alamosa, CO 81101


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