Earth & Skye Farm

Orland Park, Illinois

Earth & Skye Farm is a beautiful suburban farm with 2 missions! First, I grow all kinds of AWESOME greens for sale and as the star ingredient in Garden Nectar Green Drinks which are sold exclusively at Chicago's Green City Market. Second, Earth & Skye Farm sits at the heart of the organic garden mentorship/wellness coaching program called The Sacred Garden. In The Sacred Garden Earth & Skye Farm is used as the demonstration garden for program participants as they are guided through the process of creating their own backyard organic garden while simultaneously learning to nurture a deep, intimate connection to the land and the rhythms of life.

I chose CNG because I like the idea of farmers certifying farmers, creating community and connection, sharing and supporting each other.

(This listing was last updated on November 14, 2022)


  • Producer: Patty McPhillips
  • Day: (708) 945-9993
  • Evening: (708) 945-9993
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