Senior Inspector

Tubby Creek Farm

Owner: Josephine & Randy Alexander

1394 Gray Academy Rd
Ashland, MS 38603
Benton County

daytime phone: (901) 359-4982
evening phone: (901) 359-4982
Web site:

Application Date: 2022-04-25

Farming History

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Randy Alexander Tubby Creek Farm
For how many years have you managed or worked on a CNG-certified farm? *
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Tubby Creek Farm Ashland, MS USA

Types of Farming & Expertise

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What type of training have you received in farming practices (on-farm and off-farm)? *
Been to multiple SSAWG conferences, Small Farm U, lots of time asking questions from other farmers & CNG Inspectors
Please briefly describe your experience with mentoring, training, or advising other farmers, if any.
We work with several farmers sharing information and experience.
What aspect of your farming operation are you most proud of? *
The overall quality of our produce.
What aspect of your farming operation are you most known for? (This could be a particular crop beloved by customers or an uncommon production method that other farmers would appreciate.) *
Carrots, folks love our carrots especially our fall carrots. We have been helping several new farmers understand our stall bed prep for early spring crops. We prepare beds in mid to late August, let the grasses sprout then tarp them until needed in late January to early April for early spring/cool season crops.
What do you appreciate about Certified Naturally Grown?
To me the best part of being certified, CNG is getting to know other farmers and building a network of resources and community.
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