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Sweet Seasons Farm

Saint Johnsbury, Vermont

We started farming in Saint Johnsbury VT back in 2006 with the intent to work along side God (The one who really makes things grow) to raise healthy, safe and clean foods on a small scale for Vermont's residents and visitors who are interested in eating clean, safe & healthy foods. We believe that small farms have an advantage in achieving this goal. When small parcels of land are managed carefully, nutrient dense foods can be grown and harvested at peak nutritional value. For example if we had 20+ acres of raspberries, for us, it would be impossible to ensure that we could get every berry picked at peak ripeness and to market without spoiling or using synthetic gases to slow the ripening process, furthermore, the USDA allows crops to be picked at 50% ripeness to transport crops to market. Understandably so, but 50% of proanthocyanins are never fully developed. You would need to eat 2 cups of 50% ripe picked raspberries to get the same amount of proanthocyanins from 1 cup of fully ripe raspberries.

Sweet Seasons Farm has been following the NOP since 2006, yet appreciates CNG's "Personal Touch" in working with small/medium sized farmers. CNG encourages and cheers small/medium farms into producing top quality, nutrient dense crops. They encourage us to reach beyond the scope of 'Certified Organic'. We wanted to be a part of a smaller organization where there is peer-to-peer involvement and accountability. CNG is the only organization we found that offered a certification process for small farmers. We want our customers to know how we care for the soils and plants which produce the crops they eat. Here's our most recent July 2015 heavy metal soil test:
Copper value found: 0.2 Normal is: 0.3 High More than 10
Zinc value found: 0.6 Normal is: 2.0 High More than 80
Cadmium (CD) 0.1 Normal is: 0.1* High More than 2
Chromium (CR) 0.1 Normal is: 1.0" High More than 20
Nickel (Ni) 0.2 Normal is: 1.0* High More than 20
Lead (Pb) 1.1 Normal is: 1.0* High More than 50
* Normal levels are Vermont averages from non-contaminated soils, and are given for comparison. Results higher than normal but lower than the "high level" are not considered dangerous for growing vegetables and fruit crop.

(This listing was last updated on August 20, 2022)


2557 Spaulding Road
Saint Johnsbury, VT 05819
Caledonia County


  • Producer: Sue Haynie
  • Day: (802) 751-7005
  • Evening: same
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