Jarhead Farm

Toccoa, Georgia

In the 60's there a few of us original hippies that believed in good stewardship of the earth. This meant no chemical herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers. I have been true to this for more than fifty healthy years of growing clean and nutritious food for my family and friends. On Jarhead Farm we nurture and protect the indigenous plants and animals as we incorporate the gardens into the landscape without plowing or tilling. The soil has become black and rich with humus, worms, and all the mico-organisms essential for growing healthy crops. With a heavy hay mulch weeding is minimal, watering is not needed and no fertilizers are required. Good soil is the foundation of a productive garden just as a solid footer supports a house. We grow under the wide open sky and don't use artificial environments like green houses or hoop houses or high tunnels. 

This a REGENERATIVE farm in the truest sense of the word, which not only encompasses but preempts the tags like "organic" and "sustainable".

In this age of making everything more complicated for whatever reason, we at Jarhead Farm demonstrate how to grow clean nutritious food with a stick and some string. We are more focused on educating not only the experienced farmer but the person who have never planted anything before, than in making big money on the farm. See our succinct videos on Facebook under Jarhead Farm.

And please come and visit the farm.  We will proudly give you a tour and maybe some sweet tea!

CNG comes the closest to the good earth principles originally envisioned at the onset of the organic movement of the 60's.

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70 Stonewood Ct.
Toccoa, GA 30577
Stephens County


  • Producer: Cliff Porter
  • Day: (706) 297-2895
  • Evening: (706) 244-4105
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