Senior Inspector

Flora Bay Farm

Owner: Courtney Smith

350 Bay Road
Carbondale, IL 62903
Jackson County

daytime phone: (618) 559-9484
evening phone: (618) 559-9484
Web site:

Application Date: 2022-05-13

Farming History

Your Name *
Courtney Smith
For how many years have you managed or worked on a CNG-certified farm? *
6 years
How many years of experience total do you have managing a farming operation that’s managed according to CNG/organic principles (whether certified or not)? *
Please indicate the place/s where you have farmed, including farm name, town, state, and country. *
Greenridge Farm, Carbondale, IL USA (2012-2013, managed) Flora Bay Farm, Carbondale, IL USA (2014 - present, farmer/owner)

Types of Farming & Expertise

Please check the box corresponding to the types of operations with which you have at least three years of experience.

What type of training have you received in farming practices (on-farm and off-farm)? *
Farm Beginnings Program (Graduate 2012), Food Works Field Days, MOSES Conference, SSAWG Conference
Please briefly describe your experience with mentoring, training, or advising other farmers, if any.
Food Works Mentor for beginning farmers, flower workshops for local garden clubs, presentation on farming and native plants for local groups.
What aspect of your farming operation are you most proud of? *
Diversity of plants on farm.
What aspect of your farming operation are you most known for? (This could be a particular crop beloved by customers or an uncommon production method that other farmers would appreciate.) *
Bountiful flower arrangements with herbs & uncommon plants, including native flora.
What do you appreciate about Certified Naturally Grown?
Ease of use! Very clear info about how to best grow and nurture our farm, using best practices for the environment.
You may use this space to tell us anything else you think we should know.
I'm honored to be a candidate for a Senior Remote Inspector!