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Canebrake Apiary

Camden, South Carolina

The Canebrake Apiary is currently one of two Certified Naturally Grown apiaries in the state of South Carolina, and great pride is taken in the advanced apiculture education and certifications that are being attained. Did you know that in the lower 48, there is no such thing as Organic Honey? Since bees fly over 2 miles to resource nectar and pollen for their hives, it would be impossible to know for certain that every thing they touch has been grown organically. By being CNG, our honey and hive products are as close to organic as you can get.

The owner/operators of this Apiary, Glenn and Rosalind are both  Masterbeekepers with the South Carolina State Beekeepers Association. Additionally, Rosalind attained Master Beekeeper status with the Eastern Apiculture Society, class of 2021.

The crops and land surrounding the apiary are grown naturally, and all practices on the 30-acre property are organically managed, and have been for the last 10 years.

We’ve taken our USDA Food Safety courses and GAP Certification courses to prepare for the next step in this journey, which is Organic Certification for our new year ‘round producing High Tunnel! We want to provide you the best products available!


We've chosen to support and affiliate with CNG, because it's important for everyone to do their best for us all to stay healthy! CNG insures that we are doing our part for you!

(This listing was last updated on November 03, 2022)


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