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Tiny Giant Farm

Kalamazoo, Michigan

Tiny Giant Farm was founded in 2018 on the belief that small, everyday actions can have a large, lasting impact.

We choose to farm small because it forces us to farm well, to farm sustainably, and to farm responsibly.

It allows us to pay attention to detail. To stay connected. To invest the best of ourselves in the small amount of land that we have to provide the best possible produce to you, our community.

We never use artificial chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides, not just because we don't 'believe' in them, but because we don't want them in our backyard, just like you don't want them in your food.

Staying small allows us to grow you better, fresher, more nutritious veggies, so that we can help grow a happier, healthier community here in Kalamazoo.

We believe in community based sustainability and accountability!

(This listing was last updated on November 28, 2022)


2920 Maple Ave
Kalamazoo, MI 49048
Kalamazoo County


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