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Dick's Organics

Fort Wayne, Indiana

we began as an organization growing food for needy and homeless persons about 15 years ago. six years ago we moved toa 7 acre property and developed a 500 tree orchard, numerous varieties of fruit bearing shrubs and plants and  several veggie fields adopted rescue animals and have worked toward growing naturally  and sustainably. we also installed an apiary which is currently managed by Southwest Honey locally and i do swarm retrieval and cut-out work with them. we erected a greenhouse and a coldframe to assist in our growing efforts. we are co-founder of the 3 Rivers Fruit Growers Club where we share plants and teach grafting. i am an advanced master gardener and a master naturalist and have been a beek for about 10 years. we are members of the Indiana Farmers Union.

we have pursued this path as a result of being a trauma therapist (mental health) for over 30 years and working with indigent persons that usually get what's leftovers and we decided that they deserve to have the best we can provide. i've been a disabled vet since 1969 and are pleased to be part of the Homegrown by Heroes label.

we work with schools and numerous other organizations that have similar outlooks. we help save through propigation historic trees. 

visitors are always welcome with minimal notice. we host urban gardeners, master gardeners, school age children of all ages whether they be public private or homeschooled. 

other than the part about growing only for donation CNG was the closest fit for what we do and what our goals are currently.

(This listing was last updated on June 13, 2022)


10215 Coverdale Rd
Fort Wayne, IN 46809-9759
Allen County


  • Producer: Rick Ritter
  • Owner: Rick Ritter
  • Day: (260) 341-2287
  • Evening: (260) 341-2287
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