Eighth Day Farm

Holland, Michigan

Eighth Day Farm wants to change the way we understand creation care. When we in the church community think of creation care we almost immediately think in paternalistic, sentimental terms of our responsibility to take care of the natural world that surrounds us. We sing songs about God making the majestic mountains, the rivers and the seas and we place these images behind words on the big screen.

But what if we saw ourselves as nature? What if we didn’t think of creation as this other thing, this thing outside of us? What if creation included not only the birds, bees, and trees, but a person’s body, mind and spirit, the family, and human communities? Biblically, we humans are just as much “creation” as the whitetail deer. In fact, God was enjoying the world with its water, land, and animals before he placed humanity in the garden. Humans were a unique creature, made in God’s image, charged with special responsibilities (to serve and protect the earth), but creatures nonetheless. Creatures designed to live in interdependence with the rest of creation. Our bodies need clean air, water, nutrients, and even so, in the end we are compost like every other living thing. In this the old creation, life has cycles, life has limits. Our pride pretends we are above these limits. We want to believe we are more than creation, that we are gods on our own terms. But the Scriptures humble us, reminding us that we too are creation.

Getting past this us versus creation dichotomy allows us to better see the world for what it really is. When we place ourselves squarely in the realm of creation we become players in a new game, no longer referees. We need to give and take, not just take. God’s made us dependent upon the well-being of this global garden and the welfare of our human neighbor, and what we do to creation will come back to us. But it goes deeper than that. We don’t just serve and protect nature in order to preserve our place in nature. We serve and protect because the rest of creation has inherent worth-it is God’s handiwork and God loves it. Creation care boils down to God’s love.

The fundamental work of God throughout time is creation care. Since the beginning of time God has cared for creation. And at the center of the gospel is God redeeming creation through the person and work of Jesus (Colossians 1:20). Our Triune God is a magisterial homemaker, who by his Spirit sustains life and through Jesus speaks new life/creation into being. And the Bible says God does all this because God is love. Care is a derivative of love. One cares for and nurtures what one loves.

We want to show that we care for the Earth and for its people.

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12330 James St
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Ottawa County

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