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Cloud Eleven Mountain Farm LLC

Moyie Springs, Idaho

Cloud Eleven Mountain Farm floats on a 'knob' in the Purcell Mountain Range, 'foothills' to the Rocky Mountains, in Moyie Springs, Idaho.  The farm was born in the summer of 2016 with the planting of two Cherry trees, two Pear trees, two Apple trees and five Japanese Maples in ancient glacial silt, heavily amended with local Organic Pond Peat and King Stropharia Mushroom Mycelium to make a Beautiful 'Living' Soil for growing Awesome Food!  You can find us at the Bonners Ferry Farmers Market on Saturdays 8-1, Sandpoint Farmers' Market on Wednesdays 3-5:30, and we offer a Seasonal CSA (Consumer Supported Agriculture) weekly produce share subscription!  We do our best to source farm inputs locally, we include our Community in our Sustainability Equation, we are USDA Certified Organic and Real Organic Project Certified (see realorganicproject.org), we would love to eliminate the use of all plastics, but...find that a extremely challenging...so we do what we can to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle,and Educate!  We LOVE growing good food for you, us, and our planet!   We try to have Fun, and we think we'll get this farming thing down in about 100 years!  Our MOTTO from Mimi Isobel Newcomb, 'If you don't have anything good to say then keep it to yourself.'  Our SLOGAN...H.A.N.D!  (Have A Nice Day!).

We chose Certified Naturally Grown to highlight the 'small farm' and 'local' aspect of what we do, which was an important part of the original spirit of the Organic movement.

(This listing was last updated on September 26, 2022)


371 Gail Lane
Moyie Springs, ID 83845
Boundary County


  • Producer: Edward and Julie Newcomb
  • Owner: Julie Newcomb
  • Day: (208) 267-4743
  • Evening: (208) 267-4743
  • Email

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