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The Peoples Bees

Denver, Colorado

Located in southwest Denver, we believe bees need help, and people need help understanding why. So much is known about honey bees and other pollinators by scientists and beekeepers, yet so little understood by the general public. The Peoples Bees serves as a voice for both the bees and the people.

We engage people and advocate bee conservation using beekeeping services, community events, youth education, modest honey sales, and environmental projects.

Our beekeeping services include swarm rescue, bee removal, and hive sponsorship.

Some of our community events include educational happy hours in partnership with local Denver businesses, and presentations at Denver Public Libraries, Denver Public Schools, and Colorado state parks.

We love honey, but we don't love taking it from the bees, which is why we harvest very modestly each year and only if there is surplus. We then sell and deliver that honey locally as a means to educate our neighbors and fund our efforts.

And lastly, our environmental projects involve collaborating with local businesses, government, and green organizations to restore pollinator habitats to underutilized land. Our most project is Bee Safe Neighborhoods, managed by us and owned by Living Systems Institute—a 501(c)(3) located in Golden, Colorado committed to healing the environment through sustainable living and gardening practices.

Natural and organic practices are very important to both our beekeeping and our personal lives. The principles CNG is comprised of underscore our mission and continually inform our efforts, so not only does certification accredit us, but it also promotes the cause.

(This listing was last updated on December 03, 2022)


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