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The Woven Farmstead

Whitehall, Michigan

The Woven Farmstead is a farm intertwined within a food+farm trifecta business called "The Woven Trifecta". This Trifecta includes:

  • The Woven Farmstead - A small certified naturally grown farm producing mixed market crops, cut flowers, assorted eggs, as well as some value added products.

  • Woven Wellness - The educational piece of the trifecta, offering workshops and resources both locally and virtually, striving to make connections between food and wellness.

  • The Woven Woman - The social engagement piece of the trifecta, supporting the work of the other two pieces through a blog, correlating podcast, and speaking events.

The Woven Trifecta is a small, woman owned farm.Owner+farmer, Sam (she/they) had a simple dream of "growing flowers and being happy." This dream began to grow and flourish as she invested her energy into produce prescription programming during her time as farm manager within a medical facility. After 4 years of farming as well as facilitating programming within an organization, she began the journey of beginning her own farm in 2020. 

The Woven Farmstead focuses on mixed market crops, cut flowers, herbs, as well as assorted eggs andd small batch value added products in collaboration with locally owned businesses+ other like minded farms. 

The overall goal of The Woven Farmstead is to nourish the community through connection+ conversation surronding food, farm, and wellness. Sam is delighted to share her bountiful harvests, as well as the stories behind it with the communities surrounding the farm. She has a strong beleif in cyclical living + growing, and providing the community with the purest of produce. 

You can find the Woven Farmstead at: 

Sweetwater Market - Year Round

Montague Market - May - October

Muskegon Market - Starting spring 2022

Also, check out my website/social media for pop up markets with the Woven Wagon - A mobile pop up market. 


Cheers to good growing!! 

I chose Certified Naturally Grown because it aligns directly with my growing practices, and how I want my farm and the good food grown within it to be represented. I want to ensure my customers that I am growing produce to a high standard that is both safe and nourishing to consume.

(This listing was last updated on August 18, 2022)


2735 Todd Rd
Whitehall, MI 49461
Muskegon County

Mailing Address:
7722 Whitehall Road
Whitehall, MI 49461


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