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Rock 'n Roots Farm

Paonia, Colorado

Jon and Candice never saw themselves as becoming farmers. Neither did their family or friends. But so much of their journey in this life has lead them to loving getting their hands dirty, growing food and plant medicine and creating farm grown and farm centric products. Becoming caretakers on 5 beautiful acres in Paonia, CO they are working towards designing and implementing a community space for gatherings, allowing magic to infiltrate the property so children can come and play in the natural world and working with the land and not against it. So how did we get here?

Candice and Jon met in Flagstaff, AZ in 2002 and fell in love. Jon was a community organizer and Candice was drawn to that world in hopes of creating change in the world. Candice studied massage therapy and started to learn about nutrition and body mechanics. Jon could be seen on crazy ladder sets in downtown Flagstaff re-beautifying the historic buildings with the dash of his paintbrush.  They moved to Colorado so Candice could attend University and Jon continued his painting work. Something was stirring in them. Could this be all life had in store for them? With the help of Jon, Candice presented her thesis project, turning front yards and backyards into garden spaces and selling the food through a sliding scale CSA program in Denver. It was a crazy idea but they went for it with some major support from friends and family. They started a non-profit called UrbiCulture Community Farms and after 5 years they were growing food on over 3 acres in Denver, hosting 3 pay-what- you- can farm stands, had a school gardening and youth program, grew food on 1 acre of Denver Public Schools property in which the food went to the school's cafeterias and beautified empty lots into community farms. 

Candice and Jon's daughter arrived in 2013. Athena joined the farming community instantly and now has her own garden spot where she chooses what she wants to grow.

In 2015, Candice's mom, Lori, was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Lori was a huge supporter of the work Jon and Candice were doing and showed up to help weed, plant, party, shovel manure and watch her granddaughter during busy times of the year. The one thing that helped with Lori's pain was cannabis and especially CBD. Not a lot was known back then about CBD and we sure didn't know a ton, but we were so grateful for this medicine. Unfortunately, Lori passed away within a few months of her diagnosis and it left a huge gap in their lives.

In 2016, Jon, Candice and Athena received the opportunity to move to Paonia, CO. So with a mixture of resistance, fear and a whole lot of excitement they packed up and moved over to the North Fork Valley and the largest concentration of organic farms in Colorado. They eventually found some land and got back to their roots of growing food and medicine. In 2018 Jon came up with the thought to start growing hemp for CBD oil, the medicine that helped Lori during her passing. Candice was a little resistant but Jon was sure this was the right move, so with a mix of some more fear and excitement they put up a greenhouse, got registered with the CDA, started some seeds and Rock 'n Roots Farm was officially born. Fast forward a few months and Jon bottled up a few bottles of tincture and sold it to a few friends and family. The trickle began here. Those people told their people who told their people.  Within 6 months they had distributers and retailers selling their products in 20 states and were working on new products to bring to market.  Currently they sell their products through a growing network of distributors, retailers and on their website and are continuing to work on new farm based wellness products beyond the CBD market including herbal teas, farm based body care products and medicinal herbs.  

With all of that, we still spend most of our time out in the fields doing what farmers do- taking care of the land. Because for usRock 'n Roots Farm has always been just as much about being good stewards of the land as it has been about creating great products. To us, those two goals go hand and hand. 

We love everything behind CNG and as a small farm and business, it makes so much since for us to be CNG. We are grateful.

(This listing was last updated on November 28, 2022)


16451 Grange Rd
Paonia, CO 81428-7111
Delta County


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