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Tanglefoot Farm

Blanchard, Oklahoma

A few years ago, we started on a journey towards self-sufficiency and a more balanced lifestyle. A lifestyle that focuses on family and home, and doing things that bring joy and some inner peace. Living in a way that celebrates the abundance we already have, and finds happiness in the doing, rather than in “having it all.” 

I wanted to grow our own vegetables, raise our own meat, and live more sustainably. The first step towards that goal was moving onto two acres of raw land, and building a barn-style house with our very own hands. Most folks would call it tiny, but at 900 sf, we think it's just about perfect.

After that first year, we began working hard, growing our microfarm. We cleared land, built fence, and bought chickens. Next we started improving the soil, growing crops, and learning a ton of new skills.

After three years of learning, growing, and really falling in love with this lifestyle, I decided to begin the transition to full time farming. I'll be selling at the Farmer's Market in 2022, and then go from there. In the meantime, I have lots of fresh eggs to sell, because Chicken Math is a real thing.

Every day on this land is a blessing and a calling: to live a better life, to restore the land given into our stewardship, and to share the bounty with others.

Big dreams, on a little plot of land.

I chose to certify my farm with CNG so show that I am committed to providing highly nutritious, quality vegetables. And to show I am equally committed to growing in a way that supports and improves the land we grow on as well.

(This listing was last updated on November 20, 2022)


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