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Eldur Heron Farm

Mount Vernon, Washington

My farm operation was initially established in 2016 out of my great uncle's home garden of approximately 1500 square feet. Now that I've been an incubator farmer with Viva Farms since 2017, the operation has grown substantially. This season, I'm growing on about 1.2 acres of land. It is mostly me working around the farm, but I have had a huge amount of help over the years. I had a serious injury to right hand in August 2019 and I had some help from friends and family for the rest of the season to get things out of the field. Even though it looks like this is a solo operation, it's not just one person who helps run the farm. Thank you to all those who have helped out over the years!

Wholistic practices are at the core of my operation. All the decisions made go back to the big picture of the farm, the environment, the community, the organisms in the soil. Only OMRI listed organic inputs are used, and seeds are saved by me for most of the crops I grow. All other seeds that I source are certified organic and come from as local of farms as possible.

After struggling to financially justify an NOP organic certifation for a farm of my scale, I'm stoked to have found this similar, yet more transparent, bureaucratically efficient, and financially feasible certification process. Another local farmer near me that I follow on IG recently posted about getting certified. After looking into this certification process further, I decidied to pursue it for my farm, too.

(This listing was last updated on August 22, 2022)


15366 Ovenell Rd
Plot 13S
Mount Vernon, WA 98273
Skagit County

Mailing Address:
1207 Clevland Ave
PO Box # 162
Mount Vernon, WA 98273


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