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Wild Scallions Farm

Timberlake, North Carolina

At Wild Scallions Farm, we are devoted to growing beautiful foods and flowers for our community while rebuilding topsoil and providing habitat for diversified native insects and birds.

  • Building topsoil (aka sequestering carbon) with the aid of green cover crops, obsessive mulching, and minimal tillage. 

  • ​Creating a stable farm ecosystem with diversified hedgerows and native flowering plants for beneficial insect and bird habitat.

  • Surface water irrigation from rain barrels and ponds

Wild Scallions Farm is the life work, livelihood, and passion of Matt and Renee Clayton and our daughter Eliza Mae.  We farm roughly 5 acres of a diversified mix of orchard trees, woody and herbaceous perennials, and annual fields spread out on the south and western slopes of Mount Tirzah  in southern Person County,  We practice crop rotation with our annual fields, the more complicated the better!
We have been farming here since 2004, bringing our produce and flowers to the Durham Farmers market.

We joined CNG to effectively demonstrate our commitments to our customers

(This listing was last updated on October 20, 2022)


3018 Helena Moriah Rd
Timberlake, NC 27583
Person County


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